Good Quito

It’s good Friday in Quito and I feel I should write something all though I’m not feeling very inspired… which is strange, since today was all about inspiration and devotion. And penitence… lots and lots of penitence.

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It’s difficult to relate to such an extreme expression of faith as a non-religious person, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Quito is a very nice city. It appreciates the beauty of its buildings and its surroundings, making it a very pleasant town to walk around in. I have been warned about safety-issues by several people but the general atmosphere is absolutely not threatening.

Yesterday I went to the place where the Ecuadorian equator is honored with some people I met at the hostel. It was good fun and I was extra thrilled when I spotted my first hummingbird. I managed to take one quick pic, but it’s not worth  sharing.

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Our taxi-driver was a really sweet guy, that made the trip so much more enjoyable. He chatted away and told us all he knew about Quito and its history. He also took us up to Pululahua, which is the crater of an old volcano. The valley has its own micro-climate and looked like an amazing place to be able to call home. When I asked him what Pululahua meant, he had to admit he didn’t know but promised me he would find out. He was a man of his word and while we were walking around the place, he asked the guys at the gate if they knew. They did; it means cloud of water (aka mist), which is what sweeps through the valley all day.

Well, that’s all I can squeeze out of my still slightly jetlaggy brain right now… But so far, so good!


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