My House of Spirits

Today I discovered that if you click on the “New Post”-icon on WordPress it offers to help you out if you are looking for inspiration. I already had an idea of what I wanted to write about but I clicked on “Inspire me” anyway, just to see what would happen…

WordPress came up with the following:

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house

This threw all the writing plans I had straight out the window, because the house I am living in at the moment is definitely also housing some friendly jungle spirits that are worth mentioning. And when I say “straight out the window” I don’t mean the kind of windows that have to be opened and closed for anything to enter or leave. The windows in this house don’t really have glass panes but just gauze, which means whatever the weather is like outside it pretty much is inside as well. If it’s windy outside, it’s windy inside as well and if you are sitting in the wrong spot, you get wet when it rains. You get the picture. The gauze has some holes here and there so bugs and frogs always find a way in if they’re determined enough.

IMG_4750All though this house pretty much felt like home the minute I walked in, it has its quirks and peculiarities as well. The living room area has a crazy echo that, depending on where you are sitting, makes whatever is happening outside (and there is always something chirping, singing, screeching, scratching and rustling around here) sound like it’s happening right beside you. In the daytime this is very interesting, but it kind of looses its entertainment value at night…

And then there’s all the different beings living in the woodwork. I swear there must be a family of rodents living above the front door, which I am used to now but freaked me out in the beginning because it sounded like something/-one was constantly trying to get in.

So I guess they’re not really spirits or ghosts but actually creepy crawlies and crazy acoustics, but it’s still nice to think of this house as enlightened and protected by magical jungle spirits…


3 thoughts on “My House of Spirits

  1. Thanks so. iChat for this Post – two into the bargain! I enjoyed the description immensely and the added bonus was finding out about the WordPress “inspire me” bit too – I’ll have to have a look…

    1. Yah, It’s definitely an interesting feature. I usually start a new post when I already kind of have something to write about but sometimes it’s cool to just write for the sake of writing, I guess.

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